The Car Stop Decal

  • $6.99
  • Save $4

Have you ever looked at your car and wondered, "what am I missing?". Don't worry we've all been there, but we have the answer to all your prayers. 

Behold! our limited edition, super rare, one of a kind, and Brand New Decal! 

 Wherever you go you already break necks with your ride, now all you need is that added spice to go the extra mile. Peep how clean it looks on this ride, and now imagine it on your car. Exciting right!? 


This isn't just your average decal. We have heard some pretty interesting phenomena about this guy. Some of the stories include; people's MPG going up, never being able to curb your wheels again, and getting all the best spots and meets. But who really knows, that's just what we heard. 

There is one problem though! These decals are not going to be around forever and they are not going to stay at this price. Our supplies are limited, and only because we love you we cut our price for them as well. Get yours now while you have a chance! 

 All the proceeds from our decal goes directly back to the brand. We are working on more and more merchandise for the community. 

Thank you!

If you have any questions please contact us via messenger or at our email: 





the car stop