Jump Starter Power Bank

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Have you ever been stranded with a dead car battery? 

It sucks having those worries and having to put all your hope into someone else. You have hope that you or someone else has jumper cables. You have to hope that somebody is even around. What are you gonna do if you're stuck with a dead battery and nobody is even around? 

With this self jump starter power bank you wont need anybody but yourself. This is a 6000mAh battery that fits in your hand. This will save you so many headaches, you wont have to worry about calling anybody to come give you a jump, let alone keep those giant jumper cables in your car. 

  • 25 Jumps per charge 
  • Holds charge for up to one year 
  • Utilizes safe jump technology 
  • 5 smart phone recharges per charge 

This product not only can jump your car for you, it also has a built in flash light as well as a USB port for charging external devices. It has a lifetime of 1,000 cycles so you will have plenty of cycles to last you years and years! 

Worried about not knowing how to jump your car? This device utilizes safe jump technology. You wont ever have to worry about reverse polarity, reverse current, short circuits, or over heating! 

Included with product: 

  • Battery pack 
  • Jumper Cables (Black and Red) 
  • 3 Strand cable for charging multiple external devices 

With this product you will become fully independent and will not have to rely on anyone but yourself. 

Due to these products selling at extremely fast rates we are running out of units fast! We are doing a promotional run for this product at the moment so we have cut our price from $70 to $40. This deal is only available for a limited time. we would recommend getting this product as soon as possible to avoid having to wait for product restocks.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to email us at carstoppersonal@gmail.com. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the product. 

note: Shipping may take up to 4 weeks  

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